Is Wearable Tech a Suitable COVID-19 Detection Tool?

It’s amazing to see the many efforts of scientists and other people to help stop the spread of COVID-19 since everyone is trying to use the tools that they have to accomplish this goal. Although many measurements taken by the public, in general, are just effective partially, big companies like Apple have just taken an initiative to use wearable devices for this mission.

Since COVID-19 is a viral infection, it presents in the body slowly with light symptoms that evolve until they represent a threat. The proposal that the Stanford Healthcare Innovation Lab alongside Apple and Fitbit makes is very conceivable.

They want to create an algorithm based on heart rate and temperature that prevent the spread of the disease.

If anyone gets infected with COVID-19, eventually his body starts to make slight changes that mean that the immune system is responding to the outsider. Although the first changes may be unperceivable by the person, the wearable tech is going to notice them, and it will alert the person.

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Is Wearable Tech a Suitable COVID 19 Detection Tool 1 - Is Wearable Tech a Suitable COVID-19 Detection Tool?

Currently, this is not a reality, since heart rate and temperature changes are just clues that can lead to a probable diagnosis, but they can’t confirm that someone has the disease. But considering that 21% of Americans already use wearable tech, it means that they have a lot of data of the regular functions of their body making the project an interesting idea.

The Scripps Research directed a study called DETECT, in which data from thousands of people is going to be used to determine if someone is presenting COVID-19’s symptoms. The main goal of the researchers is very simple, as they want to alert the wearer of the tech that they may have COViD-19 and that they should do a test to confirm or deny this.

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Is Wearable Tech a Suitable COVID 19 Detection Tool 3 - Is Wearable Tech a Suitable COVID-19 Detection Tool?

The future of these studies is still unknown, but something is clear, that everybody is trying to do their best to help the world get out of this situation. Big companies and regular citizens are all a big part of this fight against COVID-19, as we can all help prevent the spreading of the virus using the tools that we have and following the quarantine rules.

The progress of these studies is at its early stages right now, since it’s a brand new proposal, but it is up to each individual if they want to have another measurement to fight COVID-19. Since there are other options like abiding the quarantine, using a facemask, constantly washing your hands, it remains your choice if you want to try this or not.