5 Healthcare Conference and Events to Go To in 2020

Health is the main theme in the entire world this year since the pandemic causes everyone to stay home and affect their lives in many ways. But there are some medical events that you just can’t miss out on, and we made a list for you to check at least a few, as you would not regret it.


This isn’t your regular TedTalk, no sir, as here you can find an entertaining and dynamic session of different points of view. If you like to participate, well this is your event, since they’re doing workshops, lectures and workout routines.

Medicine is a tough career, but in this year’s TEDMED you’ll be surrounded by people that understand you.


Medicine and healthcare are about saving lives, but there are other aspects that you may find interesting in the HIMSS20. Listen to top-notch speakers, as they will help you understand a lot of new things about medicine and many more topics about technology and entrepreneurship on the medical aspect.

Australian Healthcare Week 2020

Since it shows more than 300 expositors, we hope that the Australian Healthcare Week 2020 attracts your attention. As with many other events this year, the theme of this congress is the digitalization of the clinical work, especially during the COVID-19 era.

Q2 Healthcare Events

If your thing is biomedical techniques, this is the place for you, as this is a three-day event hosted primarily by engineers alongside doctors. During the lectures, there are going to be special learning blocks, but this is just an alluring idea. If you want to learn and earn points for that, don’t forget to go to this event.

5 Healthcare Conference and Events to Go To in 2020 1 - 5 Healthcare Conference and Events to Go To in 2020

Becker’s Health IT & Clinical Leadership Conference

If you’re interested in finding potential partnerships and making new solid connections, this is an event that you must put on your bucket list. This year congress holds many surprises for their guests like the topic of Telemedicine as a new method to realize a diagnosis and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Also, Magic Johnson will also be there.

These are all fun events with a lot of useful information but remember to take a break occasionally. Treat yourself, as you can just take a nice hot bath, this alongside some online casino gaming on Playamo casino is the perfect combination for relieving stress.